Second Deposit LDP

Ended on the 14 April 2023
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5. Issues Identification

5.1 The Revised LDP needs to be strategic, concise, and distinctive to our County. Focusing on the key issues facing our County has helped us achieve this.[28] In preparing the Revised LDP we have sought to review and update our understanding of the relevant issues.

5.2 The key issues are grouped under the national well-being goals. This means that the issues are framed within the context of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015[29]. This ensures that social, economic, and environmental interests are embedded into the Plan making process.

5.3 The SA Scoping report, as well as the work undertaken by the Public Service Board as part of the "Carmarthenshire We Want"[30] process, has informed the issues. The Carmarthenshire Wellbeing Plan 2018 – 2033 [31] has also been a key aspect of this work.

5.4 We have engaged and researched extensively as part of the conversation around issues generation. This includes elected Members, Town and Community Councils, Key Stakeholder Forum, policy review, LDP review report, corporate objectives/strategies, online surveys and the ISA process[32].

5.5 We understand where we are now as a County and where we all want to get to. This has allowed for the development of a consensus on those issues that a spatial / land use plan can seek to address up to 2033. This has however, been supplemented by a series of high-level issues which have emerged as a result of contextual changes which have arisen since the publication of the 1st Deposit version of the Plan.

5.6 The 33 summary issues are as follows. Further detail is set out within the Issues Vision and Objectives Topic Paper[33]:

A Prosperous Carmarthenshire

  1. The £1.24 billion Swansea Bay City Deal, with projects identified in Llanelli and Carmarthen.
  2. Varying vibrancy and vitality within our retailing town centres
  3. Appropriate growth is needed in rural areas (including employment opportunities)
  4. A buoyant Visitor economy with potential to grow.

A Resilient Carmarthenshire

  1. Risks from flooding and the challenges presented by Climate Change
  2. Biodiversity designations ranging from the international to local level.
  3. An ecological footprint that is currently exceeding sustainable levels.
  4. Rich landscape or townscape qualities.

A Healthier Carmarthenshire

  1. 9. An ageing population and the out-migration of the younger population.
  2. 60% of adults reported as being overweight or obese.
  3. Community life, education and public services indicate wellbeing in rural areas.
  4. Beauty, peace and quiet, open green spaces and fresh air are also contributors to happiness in rural areas.
  5. Air Quality Management Areas in Carmarthen, Llanelli and Llandeilo.
  6. "Our big NHS change" and any implications.

A More Equal Carmarthenshire

  1. Rural and urban deprivation.
  2. Over 1 in 3 households are living in poverty.
  3. Council's target to provide 1,000 affordable homes

A Carmarthenshire of Cohesive Communities

  1. Lack of new homes being built in some Service Centres and Local Service Centres.
  2. Lack of a five-year supply of housing land and the need for a housing mix (Note: requirement to have a five-year land supply replaced by the preparation of a Housing Land Trajectory as contained within this Plan).
  3. Changes in population and household forecasts indicate that significantly less homes are needed through to 2033.
  4. Housing sites not being brought forward and built
  5. A predominantly rural county where 60% of the population live in rural areas.
  6. Ensuring infrastructure capacity can support development, including highways.
  7. The need to promote and access alternative forms of transport.
  8. Lack of employment opportunities, broadband and public services in rural areas.
  9. Need to appreciate the sense of place – a county of contrasts.

A Carmarthenshire of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language

  1. Disused buildings across the County.
  2. Need to measure the impact of development upon the Welsh language
  3. Need for affordable housing within our communities to retain young families
  4. Important archaeological sites and historic features
  5. Highest number of Welsh speakers in Wales

A Globally Responsible Carmarthenshire

  1. Emerging national and regional considerations including Brexit, the National Development Framework (Future Wales; the National Plan 2040 – published 24th February 2021) and Strategic Development Plans. Planning Policy Wales (Edition 11) was published in December 2018.
  2. Need to promote energy efficiency in proposed and existing developments.

5.7 Updated Contextual Issues

The following contextual issues have emerged subsequent to the publication of the 1st Deposit Plan and include matters which whilst beyond the Plan's control have impacted on its preparation and content. These will be considered through the content of this Plan and its supporting documents and evidence:

UCI 1 Response to the publication of the NRW Guidance on Phosphate Levels in protected Riverine SACs.

UCI 2 Recognise and reflect the impacts arising from Covid-19.

UCI 3 Declaration by the Council of a Climate Emergency.

UCI 4 Declaration by the Council of a Nature Emergency.

UCI 5 Ten Towns Initiative.

[28] Welsh Government Local Development Plan Manual – Edition 3

[29] Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015


[32] Detailed information, including the engagement undertaken is set out within the Issues Vision and Objectives Topic Paper.

[33] Detailed information is set out within the Issues Vision and Objectives Topic Paper.

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