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Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 588

Received: 07/02/2019

Respondent: Thomas Guy Evans

Representation Summary:

1. The site is outside the planning envelope and is not exceptional. A 12 acre site is not needed for 5 houses.
2. There is no special ecological merit in the site.
3. Old School Road is a narrow road frequently congested and is not a safe route at times for walking to the bus
4. The value to the community is negligible and would pose costs on the community.


Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 1789

Received: 04/02/2019

Respondent: Anthony Corner

Representation Summary:

It has come to my attenition that under the forward planning applications for CCC the following application has been submitted reference SR/106/005 old school road LLansteffan. I was very surprised in fact shocked that this has gone forward for consideration under the Green banner stating the following:

The location of the site relates to a settlement identified as a sustainable village within the Preferred Strategy. Specific
consideration will be given to its inclusion or otherwise as part of the preparation of the deposit LDP.
This is open country side? surely it should come under your red banner which I include below?

The site does not comply with the provisions of the Preferred Strategy as it is divorced from the settlement and would result in
development in the open countryside

Old School road as I'm sure you are aware is almost single track to llanybri and is most unsuitable for more traffic to use this road. Already in the summer months caravan owners from Llanybri use this road to get to the village shop and beach this is already creating a dangerous situation. If more houses are built on Old school road this would more than aggravate the situation and please note could cause accidents or even Death Highways Dept must surely note these concerns.

The housing development (please note I am not sure of the exact number that is proposed by the applicant as I have seen no notice of planning or received any communication about this proposal) except on the Pobl llansteffan website. This could be due to the stage the proposal is at in the process?
This application surely totally comes under development in OPEN Countryside? Any number of houses would have a detrimental effect on the local countryside in this area This contravenes the local government and the Welsh assembly statement referring to the building in open countryside.

I would like to raise my strongest objection to this planning application and would hope that highways and planning see that this application is in open countryside and is totally unsuitable for this area and road.

I look forward to the correct decision being made as in my opinion the application does not comply with the law of building in open countryside.