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Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 2856

Received: 07/02/2019

Respondent: Residents Of Blaenau Road Llandybie Ward

Representation Summary:

Llandybie Recreational Ground Site Ref: R24 SR/082/013

This is formal objection to the inclusion of the following site on the Local Development Plan at Llandybie Ward.

The residents of the adjacent houses around the above development are formally putting this response forward as a formal objection in the inclusion of the named land to the west of Blaenau Road, Llandybie being included in the LDP.

In reference to the Candidate Site Assessment Questionnaire are the subsequent Candidate Site Submission the residents object to the inclusion as part of the Local Development Plan on the following points - see attached document