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Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 980

Received: 06/02/2019

Respondent: Mrs Karen Burch

Representation Summary:

Additional development will cause additional flooding during heavy rain as the piped water course cannot take the surface water.
The sewage system is old and damaged and cannot cope with additional houses being connected to it.
Development is creating increased traffic on Black lion Road and surrounding roads which is making access for equestrians increasingly dangerous. Any additional building requires a road safety scheme for the horse owners in Blacklion Road and the surrounding area with consideration for improved off road access. I can provide a map showing equestrian properties.


Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 1351

Received: 08/02/2019

Respondent: Mrs Alison Drain

Representation Summary:

I have no objection BUT, my concern is the welfare of horses on Black Lion Road. Between the brow of the hill (coming from the 6 way junction) and the Thornhill Road site - there are 12 horses, all of us ride out on the roads. Already, despite a flashing 30 mile an hour sign, lorries and cars thunder up and over the brow of the hill and onwards towards Capel Hendre. Please consider significantly slowing down the traffic by narrowing the road or an ACTUAL speed camera. The additional traffic is a significant concern for more housing/traffic.