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Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 769

Received: 06/02/2019

Respondent: St Clears Town Council

Representation Summary:

SWTRA have already confirmed that they intend to build a cycleway / footpath along the north side of the A40 between St Clears and Bancyfelin in the mid term. This has been a problematic gap in the West Wales cycle network for a long time. In addition to closing the gap in the cycle network, it would join together two communities who share a local council but are cut off by the A40. At present the only way to travel between the two communities easily is by car. Many people, both local and tourist stand to benefit from this.


Safleoedd Ymgeisio a Gyflwynwyd / Candidate Site Submissions

Representation ID: 2011

Received: 08/02/2019

Respondent: Welsh Government

Representation Summary:

Cycleway undergoing feasibility study by Welsh Government on opposite side of carriageway to that indicated.

The respondent has compiled some general comments from Welsh Government Network Management Division as highway authority for the trunk road and motorways in Wales and also makes a number of site specific comments. The respondent states that the strategic trunk road network is for the safe and expeditious movement of long distance traffic. In order to maintain free-flow and safety, there is a general presumption against new access onto trunk roads. Further detailed advice is given on how developments should seek to access trunk roads, with reference made to guidance and legislation (including the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) and the Active Travel Act).

In order for the trunk road highway authority to be in a position to make a considered view, the onus is on the forward planning authority to provide highway evidence in both capacity and safety terms. This will scope the consideration of existing network capacity constraints, agreed infrastructure upgrades and outline delivery streams (such as planning obligations).

Advice is provided on the potential accompanying evidence required with an application (eg Transport Statement (TS) or Transport Assessment (TA)) - commensurate with the scale of the proposal. Applications are judged on their individual merits and specific supporting traffic impact detail may be requested in order to consider network impacts. Where designs are not DMRB compliant there is a right to issue a direction to refuse an application.

Where developments require improvements to existing or new connections to the trunk road and these are agreed at planning, the developer will be required to enter into an appropriate legal agreement for their delivery, generally via Section 184 and Section 278 of the Highways Act.